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WhatsApp Group Links 2024 – Single Girls, Tamil & Desi

These days, WhatsApp group links have become a popular topic for most of the Whatsapp users. You can join a WhatsApp group to participate in the discussions by clicking on the group invite links. Joining a group is a simple and easy task.

There are different types of groups available now, where groups are working or discussing things on their specific topics. For the sake of understanding, we can consider a Virat Kohli WhatsApp group, where people are talking about everything about the cricketer and sharing photos, videos, etc.

In these groups, you can take part in the discussions with the group members. You can browse the group topics and join their discussions on the topics. If you want to know more about current affairs, you should go for the WhatsApp groups which discuss news and analysis.

You can select some groups and view the group context which suites your basic interests and which you like to be in. This way, you can filter out the group you will need in the long run and determine if they will be helpful in your life.

What is Whatsapp? How it works

Communication has always been a great need for humankind, and it is a way of sharing thought from one person to another. Whatsapp has come to the market to all the people to solve the issue of instant communication through the internet.

WhatsApp Group Links

Nowadays, almost every individual uses Whatsapp messenger, which is now part of a great trend in our society. This is a highly secure messaging service, and it supports both smartphones and pc as well.

Now, this messaging app is a part of our social media and doing very well in the market. It helps people to share audio, video, and even images through an encrypted connection. This platform has many excellent features that help users a lot.

What are the WhatsApp group links?

You can find the Whatsapp group links everywhere on the internet, and you must be curious to know what these group links are. Well, If I have to explain this to you, then it will take a long briefing to help you understand this topic.

These links are the invite links that the WhatsApp group admins generate to invite people to their group. Joining links are spread through the blogs and websites and youtube videos on the internet to invite maximum people to join in the groups.

There are some marketing groups available on WhatsApp. They spread the WhatsApp group invite links everywhere that the maximum number of people join the group and participate in the discussions. This way, the group can run the business with the WhatsApp group’s help by getting the maximum number of audiences.

Join the Whatsapp group links from here

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July 11, 2024

PUBG Whatsapp group links

You can find all the latest and active WhatsApp group links related to PUBG game discussion. In these groups, we can meet and talk to the gamers who are into playing pubg and have excellent knowledge of the game.

# 1. PUBG Game Lover

In this group, you can meet the PUBG game lovers, and you can be a part of this WhatsApp group by joining it. You can click on the group link to join, and the invite link will let you get in the group.

You can be in the discussions on the PUBG game and the latest tactics on the game. This way, one can be aware of the latest news and new tricks and tips. Players can improve their game experience by discussing new game techniques in the group.

# 2. PUBG Tournaments

If you are a PUBG player, you are already familiar with the pubg tournaments. These WhatsApp groups arrange the competitions between the player where the players can play by making a group. Players can show their battle skills, unique techniques.

Organizers of these tournaments keep some reward for winners, and all the group members from the group can take part in the competition. To join the WhatsApp group, click on the invite link and grab a reward by winning the match.

# 3. PUBG Pro Players

You can join the PUBG pro player group and train yourself to become a pro player. Talk to the pro players in the group and get an opportunity to get learnings from the pro players in the group.

Click the invite link provided here to join them and be a part of the conversations going on in the group. You will become a pro in less time with the quick walkthrough from the pro players who are active in the group.

# 4. PUBG Cash Tournaments

Now you can earn real cash by playing the PUBG tournaments. These WhatsApp groups organize the PUBg tournaments and keep rewards for match winners. Winning Rewards made in cash, which you can get through Paytm or google pay.

To earn real cash quickly through the PUBG tournaments, join the group by clicking the invite links posted here. You can get the latest updates and event days about the tournaments on the group. Join the group and be the first to participate in the match.

Indian Girls Whatsapp Groups links

You can join the Indian WhatsApp group links by clicking the invite links posted in this article. There are several groups which will be helpful for you, and you just need to choose which one you need.

WhatsApp Group Links

Friendship Group

Join the above WhatsApp group by clicking on the invite links, and you can make friends online on the Whatsapp groups and share your feeling and thought on various topics. Don’t worry about anything; just join the groups and chill.

Engineering Students

Are you an engineering student? This Whatsapp group exciting and is going to help you with your studies and projects. Just join the group using the invite link and be a part of the discussions of the group. You can share your project and ideas with the others in the group.

Click the invite link to join the group and be a part of the group. You can get advice from the other members and share your ideas with others. Talk to each other in the group and gain bits of knowledge as much you can.

Bihar WhatsApp group

Are you a resident of Bihar? This group will help you meet your people, and you can feel in touch with your people. Join the exciting group using the invite link and get in discussions with the people. You can get to know about various news on the group which the media does not cover.

Join the group to be a part of the community discussion and contribute your knowledge to the group. Gain knowledge about your region and feed your brain with knowledge. Join the group now by clicking on the invite link now.

Rajasthan WhatsApp group

Join the Rajasthan Whatsapp group link and get to know everything about Rajasthan from the discussions that happen in the group. You can contribute your knowledge to the group and also gain knowledge from the discussions.

Patriotic WhatsApp group

This group shares patriotic movies, songs, images, and talks about the country’s current scenario. They always think positive and discuss positive things. You can become a part of the group and be in the discussions of the group.

Click the invite link to join the group and talk to the people in the group. Be the best version of yourself, and share your knowledge.

Adult Girls Whatsapp group links 

Join the group links posted here and enjoy the group. You can access the materials shared in the groups by the different members and also share if you have something to share. You can talk to the group members here without any hesitation.

#1. Girls Chatroom

Join the WhatsApp group to talk to real girls from different locations. You can meet girls from all around the world and talk to them in the group. Don’t be shy to chat with them; everyone in this group is free to talk.

#2. Sunny Leone Fans WhatsApp group

Are you a fan of sunny leone? You should join the sunny-leone fans Whatsapp group and be a part of the actress’s gossip. You can join the group by clicking the invite link posted here and grab the latest photo and videos of her.

#3. Desi Girl Whatsapp group

Talk to the real Indian girl in this group and have fun with them on chat. Join the above WhatsApp group by clicking on the invite link posted here in this article. Be the first to join the group, a limited number of entries available.

Massive List of Whatsapp group links:

PUBG WhatsApp Group

PUBG WhatsApp groups are the most trending WhatsApp groups among all the WhatsApp groups with various topics. Here, you can join any of the pubg Whatsapp groups and enjoy the group discussions.

As you already know, PUBG Whatsapp groups are the most exciting groups as most of the members stay active in the group. The group members discuss the game’s strategies, the gameplay, the new arrivals, etc., and much more.

You can join any of the PUBG Whatsapp group links provided below to get the latest information on PUBG and to take part in the discussion related to PUBG and everything about PUBG. Join the group links and enjoy your stay in the group.

Entertainment WhatsApp Group

The name says it all about the group context; the entertainment WhatsApp group links are here. You can join the group links to get in touch with the latest movies and web series, music, etc. you can be a part of the exciting discussions in these groups.

If you are a movie lover, join the latest movie club WhatsApp group. Here one has a wide range of options to choose what you want. For example, you can go to a Bollywood movie fans group or a Hollywood movies fans group.

You have the option to choose to get in the music lovers group, where you will be able to know about the latest release of music albums or singles from various artists. You can keep track of your most favorite music from your most famous artist.

Indian WhatsApp Group

Here are some of the best Indian Whatsapp group links exclusively made available for you; you can choose to join any of them according to your interest. The group links include friendship groups, funny groups, etc., which will give you a gratifying moment.

Join the group links and become a part of these groups and make some friends over the groups. After a day full of workload, you can get back in the group, participate in the group gossip, and kill your time in discussions.

Here you have some of the best group links; join fast before the invite links expire. I bet you will love staying in these groups, and you will never regret your decision.

USA WhatsApp Group

Join the USA WhatsApp groups using the invite links shared in the list below. You can be a part of the discussion that happens in the groups. Be a part of the WhatsApp community, and you will keep track of all the recent events and happenings.

Join the group links as faster possible, before the group limit exceeds. You will find a forever room for discussion on your exciting topics. Click on the links below to join the groups.

Funny WhatsApp Group

You want some fun in your hectic and busy life, get some free time when you finished your daily work? You should join the group links provided in the below table. You can join the funny WhatsApp group tp read the jokes in your regional language.

Let’s take an example of the Tamil comedy group; you can join the group to read the jokes posted or shared in the Tamil language. This group is only for the Tamil speaking people.

Similarly, you can join groups of interest. Have fun staying in the group and share your thoughts and ideas in the group and join the unlimited fun and discussions. Join the groups fast before the invite link expires.

Offers WhatsApp Group

In the Offers Whatsapp groups, you can find the incredible deals of your choice on the items you want to buy. You can get access to the exclusive discounts and offers from the top e-commerce sites and get a chance to grab em fast.

You can join the amazon deal Whatsapp group to get the exciting deals and do your shopping on a discounted price. The group offers daily updates, and you will get instant notification of any new deals update.

Join the offers Whatsapp group faster before the invite like expire. To grab the exciting deals, you have to become a part of the community. You will enjoy the daily updated deals on the Whatsapp group.

News WhatsApp Group

Join the news Whatsapp group to read the recent information and get updates on breaking news and current happenings from your location. If you have very little time to sit and read the newspaper, these groups will help you stay updated with recent news.

Daily newspapers are shared in the groups to read them from your phone, without wasting time on seating and reading the physical newspaper. 

If you are traveling to someplace and are on the bus or train or flight, you can read the group’s news. Be a part of any of the information Whatsapp group to keep yourself updated with the latest news.

Shayari WhatsApp Group

Do you love to read the Shayari and also love to do some? Why don’t you join these below Shayari WhatsApp groups? You can connect to people with the same interests. Also, you can read their Shayari shared in the group.

Even you can share your Shayari if you love to do so. Don’t be shy to share your thoughts on the group. Nobody is here to judge you; trust me. Everyone will praise you if you show your positive energy towards it.

Enjoy sharing and reading Shayari on the group and sharing the group with your friends and close ones if you like the group’s contents.

Tik Tok WhatsApp Group

Join the tik tok Whatsapp group to watch the latest trending tik tok videos. You can also post your tik tok videos on the group and get followers from the community. As a creator, you can use the tik tok WhatsApp group to get an excellent audience base.

You can join the tik tok creators WhatsApp group to get the latest ideas for your new tik tok videos. Discuss your thoughts with the group members to get new and unique ideas. They will help you to develop excellent ideas to create awesome tik tok videos.

Join the tik tok follower WhatsApp group to get followers for your tik tok profile. You can share your videos and gain followers from the group. These groups will help you with your career growth also.

Study WhatsApp Group

Join the study Whatsapp group to get updated with the syllabus and course material, which will help you with your tasks. If you are an engineering student, these study groups will help you a lot with your studies.

The group member shares their study progression and syllabus along with the extra study materials in the group. All the new and latest study materials are updated in the group, and you can benefit from it.

Join the study Whatsapp group to get updated with everything with the tasks. You can take full benefit from the study group. Join the group fast before the invite link expires.

Adult 18+ WhatsApp Group

Join the adult WhatsApp group to get instant access to the adult content shared on the group. You can get adult content for free from the group, no need to pay for those. Just be there and become a part of the community and get free content.

You can download the content from the group and watch any time you want. Share the group links with your friends if you think these groups are cool, and you enjoy your stay in the group.

Girls WhatsApp Group

Hey girls, let me present to you the girls WhatsApp group, where you can gossip with the girls from different regions. Don’t worry about any safety-related issues; everything is fine with the group.

And all of you have a chance to talk to real girls from different locations. Have your fortune, and make some excellent friends. Be the first to join the group before the group gets full.

Technology WhatsApp Group

Are you a techno lover? Here is some technology WhatsApp group for you to keep yourself updated with a knowledge base of the latest technology coming to the market. 

Join the technology WhatsApp group to get the latest news on recent technology. You can learn about new technologies through technology Whatsapp groups. 

You can even learn the new trend in the market, which helps you make some money on the internet.

Kerala WhatsApp Group

Here you can join the Kerala Whatsapp groups. All the people present in the groups are from Kerala. You can talk to the members on any matter. They discuss things on the WhatsApp group, and they are charming people.

Join the Kerala WhatsApp group if you are from Kerala, and understand the regional language. You will find a friendly community in the groups.

You can be a part of the discussion and also share your thoughts and views on the group. You can get the recent news and information on the groups.

FAQ On WhatsApp Group Links

FAQ #1: What is a WhatsApp group?

Ans: A WhatsApp group is a public/private chatroom where members can join and chat with each other, and the group admins control the chat rooms.

FAQ #2: How do I find my groups on WhatsApp?

Ans: There are no separate options to see the groups. You need to view the contacts option on WhatsApp, and your groups will appear there.

FAQ #3: How do I join a group on WhatsApp?

Ans: To join a group on WhatsApp, you need the invite link from the group. Click on the invite link of the group, and you will be added to the group.

FAQ #4: What are the group rules?

Ans: There are always different rules set by admins for different groups. You can view the group rules by running a bot that tells members the group rules. The group page will show you the rules of the group.

Disclaimer: I do not create all these invite links; these links are collected from the sources found on the internet. Me or this site is not responsible for any kind o mishap. Please follow all the safety norms to stay safe online.


Whatsapp is the best social media app in the market today. Here, you can find the WhatsApp group links, which are working well in 2022.

Join the WhatsApp group and be a part of the discussions. If you can’t join a group or any link is showing invalid, please let me know. I will Update the invite links as soon as possible.

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