How To Watch Blocked Youtube Videos

How To Watch Blocked Youtube Videos? | Updated Method In 2024

Sometimes you might discover that you are unable to view videos on youtube, that you want to watch. And you get curious to know how to watch the blocked youtube videos, and your query got you up here in this article. If you want to get Netflix account for free then check this out.

We often see some of the videos we get interested in watching just by looking at their thumbnail but can’t watch them as they are blocked by youtube. Most of the time, the reason for blocking is copyrighted content.

Many of you are searching for the best way to access youtube and possibly want to know how to view blocked youtube videos. Don’t need to worry, I am here for you, and I’ll make sure that you guys will have answers to all of the questions.

What is Youtube? Let’s check a quick intro on the matter.

Youtube is an online video streaming giant, and it is a subsidiary of Google. You can watch almost all kinds of videos on this platform. Youtube is the world’s largest online video sharing platform, which now allows streaming 4K videos also.

How To Watch Blocked Youtube Videos


Youtube was created in 2005, and Google bought it later in 2006 from the original creator. Now youtube runs as part of the google tech giant. There is so much content on this platform, including educational videos, music clips, tv shows, etc.

Youtube allows users to upload their videos, rate, and comment on other users’ videos. Users can create their playlists, create channels, and add videos to the playlists. This platform offers a wide variety of user-generated and corporate video content.

How to Watch Blocked Youtube videos that are blocked in your country

I am willing to share some valuable tips on how to watch blocked youtube videos that are blocked in your country. You can watch videos on youtube you want, no matter if the video is blocked; still, you can watch it on your pc or mobile device.

Well, you can have plenty of solutions to the problem where you can watch banned youtube videos. But, it is always a better option to get a specific solution for a particular problem. So, here we will see different solutions for watching blocked youtube videos based on different situations.

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You can use a good browser proxy to change the IP address location highlighted by your browser to see how to see blocked youtube videos. Please go through the complete article to know the methods and tips briefly.

How to watch youtube on school wifi

It is the most searched problem statement in the search engine by the students who want to know how to watch youtube videos on school wifi. Well, there are various options available for watching youtube videos on school wifi.

School wifi always has some blacklist and whitelist in their networking system, which allows some familiar sites to access their network and disable access to some sites through the blacklist they maintain on their network system.

It would be best if you used good VPN software on your pc or mobile to access blocked sites on your school wifi connection, including youtube. I will discuss the leading essential solutions in this article, which will help all of you.

How to watch youtube when it’s blocked

You can watch youtube videos even when they are blocked on your network by the network administrator. You have to go through this complete article and read about the methods I posted here.

In this article, I have briefly described the use of different techniques to help you watch blocked or banned videos on youtube. Follow me in the article with the tricks on how to watch youtube videos that are blocked in your country.

How To Watch Blocked Youtube Videos On Mobile

Here are some ways to get your answer “How To Watch Blocked Youtube Videos On Mobile” YouTube videos that are blocked in your country and how to unblock them.

1. Proxy/Vpn

Proxy servers serve as intermediaries between a client’s computer and the Internet. The request will be routed through their servers to make it seem like it came from a different location.

This article has many good VPNs to Watch Blocked Youtube Videos On Mobile. Watch country-restricted videos with a proxy and a good solution that lets you tweak additional settings, including the server location you want to use to watch videos.

2. SmartDNS

In the same way that proxies spoof your location, SmartDNS will spoof your location on the Internet by redirecting your traffic through different servers.

However, connections via Smart DNS networks are always faster than those via proxy servers since no encryption is involved.

3. YouTube videos can be unblocked with Tor

You can remain completely anonymous online with Tor. When you connect it, it will slow down your internet, but it will not give away your IP address.

Tor’s browser has only one problem: you cannot select the country from which you will receive your connection.

Different ways to watch blocked youtube videos

Now you will learn and experience the different tactics that will help you watch the blocked videos on youtube.

Use of Browser proxy

This method is the best working method for watching blocked youtube videos. You can even watch copyrighted youtube videos in your country. All you need is just a working proxy server address you need to set up inside your browser.

This method will also provide you anonymity while surfing the internet to watch restricted videos and access different sites and the facility to watch country-blocked youtube videos. Setting up a proxy server address in your browser is very easy; follow the steps I have provided here.

  • Open any of your browsers on your pc.(say chrome or firefox browser). Now click on the Settings icon to open the settings menu or wizard.
  • Search for network settings and navigate to the network settings page.
Browser proxy
  • Grab a working proxy server address and the port number (you can get it from google).
  • Click on the option “use manual settings” on the network proxy settings. Paste the proxy server address you have inside the empty box, put the port number, click on the “apply” button, and then the “OK” button to submit the changes you have made.
  • After doing these steps, we need to check if the proxy address is working for us or not. We can verify that easily.
  • Go to the website and check if the IP address highlighted in the site is the exact match of the proxy you have used. If yes, then you are good to go, you need to find another working proxy and repeat the same steps.

Using VPN software

This method is one of the proven methods which will ever be going to disappoint you in case of watching banned youtube videos bypassing blocks put by the authority. You can bypass the regional youtube filter by using a virtual private network.

Here are some of the best VPNs available in the market, which are doing good business with the customers. You can make use of this VPN software for watching unblock youtube.

1. Nord VPN

nord vpn

This VPN is the highest-selling VPN in the market for the year 2020, and it is one of the best VPNs, which is beginner-friendly. You can check the latest plans and pricing o their official website and purchase the plan you like to have.

Nord VPN is the best-selling VPN in 2020, and you can have an idea of how much users are loving Nord VPN in their daily work routine. So, don’t waste your time and join Nord for your ultimate safe browsing experience.

2. Cyber Ghost

This VPN has gained so much popularity for the straightforward operational nature it shares with the users. This VPN has a dedicated connection profile for different works. You have a particular server to stream from blocked sites.

Cyber Ghost

You can watch blocked youtube videos by using the VPN on your system. For more details on the latest plans and pricing, you can visit their official website and purchase a subscription plan.


This VPN is famous among new users as it is a flexible choice for beginners. You can easily configure the VPN for your use on your system. Its user interface is straightforward to understand. Hence you can perform the required tasks efficiently.


More than that, you can connect to different server locations and can watch the blocked youtube videos. This VPN has a dedicated streaming profile that will boost your internet while watching the restricted videos on youtube.

Using Smart DNS Servers

This method is yet another best working method if you’re struggling with watching the blocked youtube videos from your region. The smart DNS service can spoof your location through different servers from different locations.

You can access the internet without any worry of getting caught or getting a strike from the authority. With the help of a smart DNS service, you can watch blocked youtube videos from your region.

To set up a Smart DNS service, you need to go to the smart DNS service’s official site from the below link.

And follow the instructions given on the site.

FAQ On How To Watch Blocked Youtube Videos

How do I watch blocked YouTube videos 2022?

Ans: You can watch the blocked youtube videos using the methods posted in this article. Follow this article to know more about it.

How to watch blocked videos on youtube?

Ans: You can use VPN or browser proxy to watch blocked videos on youtube.

How to watch blocked youtube videos copyright?

Ans: You can follow the methods posted here in this article to watch blocked youtube videos copyright.

How To Watch Blocked Youtube Videos On Mobile?


Unblock YouTube videos with these methods. Suppose you would like to unblock YouTube videos blocked in your country. In that case, you must follow the steps below mentioned above in this article.

  1. Proxy/Vpn
  2. SmartDNS
  3. YouTube videos can be unblocked with Tor


In this article, I have provided the methods that will help the users watch geo-restricted youtube, and you guys can learn some unique youtube tips to watch blocked youtube videos. I hope this article is going to help you a lot.

For any queries, you can ping me using the comment box. You will receive a rapid response to your messages from our side.

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